Venetian Plastering

Beautiful Travtino Romano applied to lounge walls
Fireplace  Venetian plastered with Travatino

Venetian Plastering Services

At last, you can now experience the timeless beauty of authentic Venetian plaster finishes.

Let us introduce you to decorative plaster finishes –  high polished smooth and also distressed durable finishes that can be used to either replicate classic patinas or to create an entirely contemporary look for your living or work environment.

Choose building materials that have stood the test of time.
Venetian plaster is an ancient building material consisting of a slaked lime putty, also called ‘grassello’, and a marble. Over the centuries these materials have proven themselves as having no equals when it comes to a lasting display of depth and beauty. The elegance of the old world look can now be recreated into the 21st century.

A low maintenance material that will retain its natural good looks for many years. These natural earth plasters render vibrant hues and subtle depth, life and movement. Pure slaked lime Venetian plaster is a very desirable facing material as it is hard, strong, plus fire resistant and colour retentive.

Our plasters breathe and have a naturally high alkaline so are in inherently resistant to mould and mildew. Natural lime plasters have proven to be durable wall finishes for many centuries in all climates, whether wet, dry hot or cold.

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