Hand Painted Kitchens & Furniture

Kitchen and walls hand painted

Hand Painted Kitchens & Furniture

Having an existing kitchen painted, not only creates the impression of a brand new kitchen at a fraction of the cost, but also saves on the dust and disruption caused by removing the old kitchen and fitting a new one. Virtually any existing kitchen can be transformed including varnished, waxed or lacquered wood and even laminate kitchens.

Of course, the service isn’t limited to painting your existing kitchen, I am often asked to replace handles to completely overhaul an existing kitchen.

Offering an infinite range of shades and finishes.


Hand-painted furniture adds a neat final touch to any room.
A piece of bespoke hand-painted furniture can become the feature of your home!

Keen home decorators can achieve very pleasing results, and single items can be good fun to paint.

Where you have a lot of furniture to do, or where you want a really high class finish or specialist decorative finishes, it probably pays to call in the professionals.

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