Gate Renovation

Lewis Carroll's birth place mural painted on a gate

Dearsbury Village Gate Mural

Tribute to Lewis Carroll who was born in Daresbury

I was asked to paint a tired black gate in Dearsbury Village where l have undertaken many contracts. Instead of painting it black. I chose to paint a magical mural and utilise the flaking and blistering paintwork as the background surface, l sanded down the flaking paint with an orbital sander until it was smooth. Then free handed drew a scene from Alice and Wondering Land with the Cheshire Cat. Then painted in the mural with silhouettes with acrylic paint. When dry I used a Acrylic based varnish and sprinkled into gold flakes which left the gates Shimmering. Then applied two coats of oil based varnish to produce a yellow – golden appearance to the final look.

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